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Welcome to Cream City Resumes
Thus far, you have only heard from us regarding our track record and approach. While we think we have done a good job of explaining our capabilities, we believe our customers do it far better

Here is what a few of our customers have said about our resume services.

quotesI was given 6 months notice that I was to be laid off. I immediately brushed off my old resume and cover letter and started mailing like crazy. I was fairly confident that what I had would suffice. I was a journalism major and had taken plenty of writing classes in college. However, my return rate was disturbingly low and I realized that some changes would have to be made. I decided to start with my resume & cover letter and let Cream City Resumes take them over. I knew I could land a job with my interviewing skills but I needed that extra edge to get that interview. Cream City Resumes was able to provide me with a resume that employers want to read - well written & to the point. Within a month of using my new resume & cover letter I landed an interview and eventually a job with Kohl's Corporate. Mind you, I had applied to Kohl's 6 times in the past without an interview. This was by far my greatest career investment.

          Jeremy W.
          Milwaukee, WI

quotesAfter contacting Cream City Resumes about rewriting resume, I felt confident that they would be able to help me put together a sound resume. I put together a rough draft along with a two-page biography of my career history, so they would have a general idea about what I have done. I emailed that to them on a Monday and by Wednesday I had a draft on what they put together and by Thursday evening we had a final resume along with a cover letter put together. I sent my cover letter and resume off to many different employers and got a response from all of them. I definitely believe that if it weren’t for Cream City Resumes and their help, I would still be trying to look for a job. They have a remarkable way of putting worlds together and translating what you tell them into a resume format. I would strongly recommend them to anyone trying to put a resume together. The money that I spent for them to rewrite my resume has been the best investment I have ever made.

          Fred M.
          Edgeley, ND.

quotesHighly satisfied!!!! I am a speech-language pathologist seeking a job in another state. When I sent my information to Cream City Resumes, they responded with questions that were specific to my line of work, personal attributes, and professional experience in order to build the best resume possible. The prompt completion of my resume and cover letter were well written and very specific to the jobs that I am seeking. I applied for three positions and heard back from all three companies within 24-hours! I couldn't be happier with my experience, and highly recommend CCR's services for any profession as they are sure to tailor your resume with ultimate professional care and precision!!!

          Liz K.
          San Francisco, CA

quotesI have been a working sales professional for 17 years and have written and submitted many resumes in that time. I always just used bits & pieces of resumes from friends, family, and co-workers, to come up with what I thought was an "all-star" list if ideas for a resume. While I took journalism in college and always did a little writing for my jobs, I decided to try a resume service. The resume from Cream City Resumes was clearly different from anything I had seen or done before. It must have caught the eye of the HR manager and owner as I was granted and interview and earned the job I have today.

          Robb H.
          Franklin, WI

quotesCream City Resumes wrote my resume when I left my job to move to a new city with a really tough job market. They were incredibly professional and prompt. I received a lot of positive comments on my resume from interviewers. The resume really helped me get my foot in the door to a lot of great companies and helped establish a great first impression.

          Carrie L.
          Portland, OR

quotesWow, the resume is awesome! The resume looks really great and I thank them for doing this for me.

          Becky V.
          Milwaukee, WI

quotesBefore using Cream City Resumes' service, I had submitted 4 resumes in 15 months with no job offers. The first time I used their resume, I received a job offer that came with a 20% pay raise - Thank you Cream City Resumes, thank GOD for you!

          Tom D.
          Cincinnati, OH

quotesI just wanted to let you know that with my new resume, I have already received a response!! Thanks so much!!

          Michelle W.
          Salt Lake City, UT.

quotesCream City Resumes provided me with some unique insight into creating a resume for the creativity-filled advertising industry. They were able to condense my information, strengthen it with a stronger vocabulary, as well as add a creative flair that definitely got the attention of potential employers. I have recommended them to friends and colleagues, and would absolutely utilize their talents again for myself.

          Amber S.
          Pittsburgh, PA

quotesFor months, I was applying for jobs everywhere with very few call backs. Cream City Resumes revamped my resume and within a month, I had two interviews and landed a new position. I’m certain that updating my resume got me those interviews.

          Ryan R.
          Milwaukee, WI


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