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Mind Your Job Search Netiquette
How you handle new technology speaks volumes to employers.
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Welcome to Cream City Resumes
No matter what your position is, where you are at in your career, where you live, what you make, how old you are, how much experience you have or which industry you are in, I have an affordable resume package that will help you land your new job.
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Here are some tips that will help you find a job that fits your personality and career goals.
Job Search 2.0: Build Your Online Reputation To Attract Jobs
Build a strong online presence with these tips to earn a great reputation that will get you more job offers.
The Big Job Search Lies
You've been lied to, bamboozled, mislead and fooled by the people you are closest to. Your well-meaning parents, friends and spouses have led you down the path to perpetual unemployment. Everyone, right or wrong, wants to give you their opinion on the best ways to land a job. These are some you should ignore.
13 Ways To Stay Sane In Your Job Search
Having a sanity plan may not be the first thin you think of when suddenly plunged into an unwelcome job search, but in the long run it just might be the best step you can take, both for yourself and the people around you. Here are several ideas you might incorporate into your sanity plan.

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